I'm a web developer with strong 3D graphics skills, and I just can't work with bad code

I started my career as 3D artist and Flash developer, then I worked as freelance. While I was looking for a better way to deliver interactive 3D contents I ran into WebGL and it was love at first sight.

From then on I became more a developer and less an artist and as of today I worked in a wide market range, from the life science industry to the gaming.

Since I always stumble into really bad practices and I see people suffering I decided to share my every day experience with just one aim: work better, live better.

Let’s then discuss about best practices and common pitfalls

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In 2015 I co-founded the first Khronos Chapter in Italy and held the first WebGL workshops with OpenTechSchool and NodeSchool: I spend all my spare time to promote this gorgeous technology through workshops, talks, open source contributions.

I’m also a huge fan of Functional Programming.

When I’m not coding I spend my time trying to speak foreign languages and yes, if you find a picture of me on the Internet playing drum’n’bass music that was one of my previous jobs.

Wish you the best from the sunny Malta

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Back to school!

Had I studied Math...

Hi there,

I’m currently attending the Functional Programming in Scala specialization on Coursera.

It turned out that my Math is too weak to fully understand the third part, Parallel Programming, so I decided to buy a book, gather some online resources and study Calculus!

This is the book I’m using.

Calculus made easy

Calculus made easy