Pietro Grandi at MaltaJS

I'm a web developer with strong 3D graphics skills, and I just can't work with bad code

I started my career as 3D artist and Flash developer, then I worked as freelance. While I was looking for a better way to deliver interactive 3D contents I ran into WebGL and it was love at first sight.

From then on I became more a developer and less an artist and as of today I worked in a wide market range, from the life science industry to the gaming.

Since I always stumble into really bad practices and I see people suffering I decided to share my every day experience with just one aim: work better, live better.

Let’s then discuss about best practices and common pitfalls

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In 2015 I co-founded the first Khronos Chapter in Italy and held the first WebGL workshops with OpenTechSchool and NodeSchool. In 2016 I moved to Malta where I co-founded MaltaJS.

I’m also a huge fan of Functional Programming.

When I’m not coding I spend my time trying to speak foreign languages and yes, if you find a picture of me on the Internet playing drum’n’bass music that was one of my previous jobs.

Wish you the best from the sunny Malta

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What am I up to?

Experimenting with Maltese verbs

I’m currently studying the Maltese language, and to help myself familiarize with verb’s forms I decided to develop my own web app.

It is written in Elm, check it out on Github! Or see it running here.