Hi there,

from the second day I moved to my new job in Malta and I had to use Windows I realized that after five years spent using just Linux and OSX full time I couldn’t go back to the CMD anymore.

So all I installed Cygwin which basically is a distribution of GNU software able to run on Windows: then I was ready to use ls, grep, awk, TMUX and Vim!

Though there are slightly differences between the environments, mainly related to colors in the terminal: that’s why I decided to version all the configuration files on Github so that I will be able to branch it, make modifications and merge to get a more flexible environment ready to go.

Here you can find the latest release: release 1.0.1. The current configuration has been tested both on OSX and Cygwin environment: couldn’t test it on Linux as of today, feel free to file bugs and collaborate to the project.

What is in the repo

  • platform specific support for colors
  • fancy status line for TMUX
  • fixed status line for VIM, with file type and current row
  • NERDTree in VIM
  • TMUX keymap following VIM conventions (thanks to this book)
  • git structure to add plugins using submodules (thanks to this blog)


To make it working just go in your home folder, clone the repo and get the right tag:

Git will warn you that you are in a ‘detached HEAD’ state. Don’t worry, it matters only if you plan to use git to collaborate to the project, and if so I’m sure you already know how to branch and take care of your local modifications.

Now you need to checkout the submodules which are VIM plugins

Then create some symbolic links:

If you are already using a custom bash_profile  you can add the following line to get the config/bashrc  evaluated:

And you are done! Open a new terminal, run tmux or vim and enjoy.