Saturday, 29th October 2016, I had the pleasure to speak at the first community event of MaltaJS. It was an amazing experience, and we had the possibility to meet other developers, discuss, and exchange experiences.


Pietro Grandi at MaltaJS

A bit of history

When I first arrived in Malta, one year ago, I was surprised that apparently there was no developers’ community on the island. While it could be understandable given the size of the country (around 430k people), it is puzzling when one thinks of the number of IT companies and developers residing here.

Although, I was lucky enough to work in Betsson, where Andrei Toma and Bogdan Dumitriu just decided to start a community in the company itself. Thanks to Betsson’s support, they could organize three meetings, culminating with the amazing presentation of Aurelia by Rob Eisenberg in May.

But it wasn’t enough.

A proper community has to give any developer the possibility to join it, shouldn’t be limited to a single company.


Talking about Elm

The event

For this event, we were kindly hosted by Microsoft at the Microsoft Innovation Center of Malta, at the Skypark. The venue is great, brand new, and modern: an awesome space for meetings and conventions.

Andrei introduced the community and I presented the Elm language: the amazing thing is that, rather than being a usual presentation, it turned into an active discussion with the people speaking and bringing example for each slide I showed.

This is definitely the way I want a community to be! Developers asking, discussing, even arguing about the topics.

In a few words, people bringing value.


Active discussion in the community


A final note: the registration page of MaltaJS has been built with Elm and the source code is available on Github. From it, I also extracted a Quickstart project to help curious developers to start with Elm.

And here’s the slides I used for the talk: on Slideshare.


MaltaJS Elm event

What’s next?

Do you want to be part of the community? Join us on the Facebook group. For the time being, it will remain the official channel, so use it to submit a proposal for a presentation, talks, or just a good topic to discuss while having a beer altogether.

If you don’t use Facebook feel free to write me using the form below.

Thank you!